M-Bus Wireless / KNX - Converter
( Ethernet Switch Inside for enter/exit connection, Housing type: B, Terminal Blocks Connectors )
Prices and Shipping info
Ports: 1xKNX; 1xM-Bus Wireless
KNX protocolKNX TP
M-Bus Wireless protocolM-Bus Wireless N1&N2 / S1&T1 communication
Data Rates KNX9600 bit/s
M-Bus Wireless frequency169 MHz
KNX connectorKNX Bus connector
M-Bus Wireless connectorSMA Female Antenna
Power supply15..21V AC; 18..35V DC
Power supply connector2way 5mm terminal block
Operating temperature-40° to +85° (-40°F to +185°F)
Dimensions71x60x95 (DxWxH)
Weight200g approx
Mechanical fixing35mm DIN Rail montage
ORDER CODE:HD67811-KNX-B2-169MHz-0

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