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CAN / KNX - Converter
CANopen / KNX - Converter
Order Code Price info Details Description User manual Operating Temperature
CAN / KNX series
HD67803-KNX-B2 View CAN / KNX - Converter
(Housing type: B, Terminal Blocks Connectors )
-40° to +85°
HD67804-KNX-B2 View CANopen / KNX - Converter
( Housing type: B, Terminal Blocks Connectors )
-40° to +85°


Order Code   Description Details
AC34011   Isolated Converter 100..240V AC to 12V DC stabilized - AC/DC View
AC34012   Isolated Converter 100..240V AC to 24V DC stabilized - AC/DC View
AC34-AB1TP   KNX Power Supply - KNX out 640mA - in 240VAC View
AC34-AG1TP   KNX Power Supply - KNX out 640mA + AUX out 30VDC - in 240VAC View
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